Happy New Year!?! Yes – HAPPY NEW YEAR

Date: 2021 January 4

APOK News:

I am happy to announce that APOK III is 13 chapters deep and rolling along. There’s lots happening and much more to do, but I’m excited and can’t wait to see how this novel turns out. For those that don’t know, I never really know what happens when I’m writing. Novel writing like this keeps my passion alive. Sure, the first few chapters require more work and thought (especially now that the story line needs to agree with the other APOK and APOK Derailed), but now that I am about half way through this is where the story really takes off and grows organically. Rest assured APOK III will bring you for another ride full of twists and turns.

As I mentioned in the last blog, this calendar reset marks the 10-year anniversary of my writing journey!!! Here’s hoping for many more.


Happy New Year!?! Yes – HAPPY NEW YEAR

With scraped knees, bruised bodies and bloody noses, we welcome 2021 in the midst of another lockdown. For those expecting relief at the ring of the bell of this no-holds barred royal rumble cage match, it appears the referee is on a coffee break, just hang on, I’m sure they will be right back…

In anyone’s lifetime there will be events that happen that force us to come to a grinding halt. Globally 2020 will be remembered whether we liked it or not. Now we welcome a strange new year, one with high-expectations concealed in fog. While everyone is short on answers and full of frustration there is still hope…

While I will agree 2020 wasn’t one of my fondest, there were aspects that were interesting. Children becoming so bored of being in the house that they were outside playing in mass groups, adults of all ages walking through neighborhoods, food banks so full that they can’t accept any more food and Christmas lights on more houses than I have ever seen. I haven’t seen this massive shift of society since the Northeast blackout of 2003 (although that was a rather quick fix). Rest assured we’re in this together, and together we can get through it.

Trust yourself, be the better you and take this time to make a difference in your life or someone else’s – even something small can go a long way.

Till next week, take care,


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