The Santa Claus Paradox (Yes I know it’s March)

Date: 2021 March 8


Seeing what is happening within the media both mainstream and social, I feel a sense of pride as an indie author. While currently I can’t compete with mainstream authors’ advertising budget, as an indie author, I am the owner and operator of all things APOK. That means, I certify that my novels are raw and provide an original voice being heard through the chaos and confusion. As an indie author, I answer to the fans only. I am honored to welcome many new APOK fans joining the adventure. APOK III will be sure to satisfy your reading delights.

FEAR NOT!!! APOK Won’t Be Cancelled… I will not allow myself to fire myself.

All joking aside, because of your tremendous support and sharing with your friends and family we have recently crested 1900 brave souls following the APOK journey through FACEBOOK, and many new readers that span the globe. This is an exciting time in many different ways. Growing support means that future writing projects will see the light of day. I promise to continue working to earn and maintain your support. In saying that, I’ve started chapter 20 of APOK III. Be prepared to read things so vivid that it will bring goosebumps to your skin and tears to your eyes… pure suspense thriller gold.

While APOK is my current focus, there are many stories that I have started that are awaiting attention. All of that material will keep me writing for years to come. I don’t plan on being a trend, I am a fixture.


For those interested in a brain teaser, read a little more…


“The Santa Claus Paradox” (part 1)

Ever wonder why society is becoming less resilient? Why stress levels are off the charts and people require medication to cope with their day to day lives? Could it be, “the Santa Claus Paradox”? Never heard of it….it’s the premise of something good being bad. Please don’t mistake me…. I LOVE Christmas. Seriously. It’s my favorite time of the year. But this is a conversation so relevant it very well might just save your life or the life of someone close to you.

Santa Claus the root of all evil… or perhaps, is he the devil himself? After all, current artists’ renditions display him dressed in red, breaking into people’s house, stealing milk and cookies… and obsessed with little children. Some might think this is a foolish argument, and in some respects, it may very well be, but just hear me out.

Over the last 100 years, children from countries around the world have been groomed into believing that Santa Claus exists (or some similar version). Most believe he’s the symbol of the magic of holidays, tradition or making it extra special. “It’s for the children,” they say… so let’s explore that a little further.

I must admit I have enjoyed watching young children light up with wonder and excitement around the topic, however I have seen others use it as a bargaining chip, “You’d better listen or I’m telling Santa and he won’t bring you any presents.” Either way, the final result is the same; the child comes to point where they realize that society lied to them. Considering what passes for mental health issues these days, I am positive these actions would qualify. Think about how scaring that moment is for a child, who for years were told and convinced that Santa exists to find out they were being tricked by those closest to them, and by society as a whole. Deep within those tiny subconscious minds must linger ideas or questions of being betrayed and how acceptable it was to do so. Essentially this is one of the many first steps in normalizing fraud and corruption within society and its reinforced every year.

Pleasure now, pain later in our current society seems to have no bounds. Adults are convinced that children are so weak that we must shelter them from life’s realities. As a result when the truth is unable to be hidden any longer, the child, now adult, unable to cope, seeks refuge in drugs and alcohol to escape life’s demands having never developed the resolve needed to survive.

We must remember children are much stronger and more capable of adapting to situations than we give them credit. Their little lives are filled with adversity and struggle as they stumble and fall time and time again until they have gain the strength and ability, to hold their head up, walk, talk and understand. The child accepts all of these challenges without question. We really should model our lives off of the development of babies to children. They teach us fundamental truths that can save us from a lifetime of pain.

The Achilles heel in the situation has been and will forever be the adults around the child, not appreciating how strong babies really are, and starting their little life with the idea of Santa Claus.


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