Date: 2021 April 20

APOK News:

It’s been confirmed, potential travel restrictions aside, APOK will be traveling south of the border in July 2021.

There is tentative news building in the background. I spoke with someone formerly within the film industry and discussed the possibility of some small promotional pieces being made to generate more interest. While this is near premature… I will keep you up to date with any progress on that front. As for APOK support, it continues to grow slowly currently over 2000 followers on Facebook.

APOK III – Chapter 23 is near complete… soon very soon.



**WARNING**For those wanting a light read, something that doesn’t provoke deep thought – please avoid the following**

“My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist,” so wrote the French poet, Charles Baudelaire (1821 to 1867).

We are truly living history in the making… if it’s making you queasy, you’re not alone. My concern, COVID aside, is the racial divide. While conducting my research for APOK Derailed, I read a lot about the history of the segregation. It became clear to me that control was the goal, and Bacon’s rebellion of 1676 painted the clearest picture.

Still under British rule, poor people from both sides joined to fight the British establishment, and during the battles burnt Jamestown to the ground. When British soldiers finally gained control of the situation, the rulers put in place laws to divide the races fearful that they would unite and upset the balance of power and cost the ruling class money. There is no doubt, from that moment forward the battle for equality was long and hard. Throughout these struggles black and white teamed up together to push the issue and society has come a long, long way since then.

Growing up in the 80s, naïve, ignorant to the past, as a Latino, with Jamaican God parent’s, and Native cousins, I didn’t see multiculturalism as an issue. As a teenager, I played rep baseball traveling the province (state) under the leadership of three coaches two being Native. My small community was held together by a common bond, being Canadian with shared values. In every media outlet, I saw different races represented and the merit of working hard to achieve goals.

It wasn’t until I was a security guard in the city when I started seeing problems. Working with a very diverse group, I saw verbal attacks against us daily. I saw black officers called all kinds of racial slurs by members of the black community. When I became a police officer, I saw much of the same. Being called a racist for doing the job became as normal as saying hello. Law enforcement above all else was hated universally.

Fortunately, I have worked different communities as a Police Officer seeing crime committed by every group and nationality. There are no exceptions and no absolutes. No one race is all good, and no one race is all bad. The truth is, we are all in this together trying to find our way, and there are some who are more lost than others.

My natural curiosity has been heightened by my career as a police officer. In life, much like working the street, I find myself asking questions when I see things that don’t seem to add up.

Lately, I have seen a hard push by corporations, mainstream media outlets and prominent community leaders fueling racism, hatred and divide. Fearful or complicit with this mob rule, government officials have imposed racial laws and procedures. It doesn’t require the use of a crystal ball to see what is going to happen with the continued promotion of hatred and division. There are those who are overtly saying it’s goal to uproot this society.

So, what is the end goal of dividing our society? Who is going to benefit from this happening? And when will it stop? My fear is that this situation is being used to invoke Sir Isaac Newton’s third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Percolating the most important question, “What can be done to expose the devil for what he is, and make our society better for generations to come?”

Personally, I believe that we cannot allow those in various positions to continue pushing this divide. We need to find common ground and demand that our societal leaders build upon that. If someone within that realm is stoking the fires of division and hatred, we must recognize that, and condemn it, as this is an attack on society as a whole and shouldn’t be tolerated. Taking a page out of the current line of thinking, we must promote what we want in society, like being good neighbors. Let’s focus on caring for one another and our shared values and common rules that everyone in society has and holds. Treat everyone fairly and equally. We must ensure that those who break those laws be held accountable by the same standards across the board. Correctional facilities must be run as such, and not the criminal networking institutions they are today, only then can our society move past this point with fair, unbiased rules and discipline. Playing favorites has no place in a multicultural society. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and by working together, we are strong. There will always be those who wish to prey upon a trusting, kind society, in that case we expect and trust that Lady Justice must stop peaking under her blindfold to manipulate the scales to appease the mob, and let the scales work for themselves.

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