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Date: 2021 May 18

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APOK III, Chapter 26 is nearly complete with 27 already started. We’re getting really close now.

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What’s over 3000 years old and means, “action through thought”? Here’s a clue, “Sticks and Stones will Break my Bones but Names will Never Hurt Me.”

That child’s saying, a relatively modern-day version of “action through thought” or “MANTRA”, has been around for nearly 200 years. While most agree, names can hurt, this simple MANTRA, builds that little something special within our minds called, MENTAL RESILIENCE. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the last time I heard a child say this, and I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I taught it to my children… It’s definitely worth re-visiting.

Children develop so quickly, from completely incapable beings to walking talking little people. Their simple lives, void of clear understanding and communication are worth examining and appreciating. It provides perspective of who and what we are, and where we came from… and if nothing else, they demonstrate in real time, a long list of challenges that we have overcome. A child’s life is filled with adversity, they are expected to take life’s challenges head on and continue working… and the amazing part, they do. Sure, they complain, cry, fuss and whine, but they live up to the expectations through mimicking and constant encouragement (even if they don’t know what is being said).

It wasn’t so long ago I was reminded of childhood lessons. For a time, I had all the strength and energy I ever needed, that is until I didn’t have it anymore. Within a split second of that car hitting me, my strength and energy vanished. My life was altered and I began a downward spiral with a negative inner MANTRA… and like any MANTRA, action through thought was being realized. Instead of creeping towards my goals, they remained ever distant. It wasn’t until I changed my internal monologue/self talk/MANTRA when things started to turn around.

Curious how to start? The task is fairly simple, but when things are at its BLEAKEST, even simple things can be difficult. Write out 20 things that you are grateful for. That’s it. These don’t have to be big ticket items. Start small, with things that might even make you smile thinking how simple this exercise is. Ability to read, could be one, ability to write could be another…. Walk, talk, listen, see, hear, smell, taste… whatever you can think of. It may sound too simple to work, but it does. Want to improve the results, write the list every morning before the day begins. This sets into motion, mental actions that draw upon positives, which produce positive action. Yes, life is full of adversity, bad things will still happen, such is life, but its up to us how we deal with that. Like the child in the playground being teased, repeat to yourself a positive MANTRA.

A “MANTRA” is like the angel on your shoulder, reminding you of all the historic challenges that you have overcome, and convincing you that you can overcome the challenge facing you today. So, if there is something that you’ve been wanting to do, there’s no time like the present to start performing mental action to make it happen. STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK MY BONES BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME.


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