Long Overdue

Date: 2021 November 1

APOK News…

Well… It’s been a really, really long time since my last confession…

The first draft of APOK III was completed September 7th, 2021, and since that time, I’ve been in revision mode. Currently in Chapter 31 of Revision #1 (39 Chapters in all), this stage of the process is so interesting. After nearly 2 years of writing, this is the first time I get to see what I did, months and years ago. It’s a nice treat reviewing scenes that I had forgotten. Like a farmer, this stage requires steady work, and the story growth is organic becoming fuller and more plump with each read through.

While the 3rd edition is still under construction, there are a lot of developments occurring in other areas. Following WRITER’S DIGEST’s recommendation, promotional activity has been on the rise. There are new materials, pens, metal bookmarks, shirts being made, and posters hitting transport trailers, traveling North America.

If you’re enjoyed APOK and or APOK Derailed be sure to make your voice heard and help grow the APOK brand. Send me a message with your review or comments about the APOK Series, and receive a small gift as a token of my thanks (unfortunately due to supply chain issues – this is limited time offer for North American customers only).

Thanks again for your continued support. Til next time,



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