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Date: 2019 February 4 APOK News Congrats to our latest APOK contest winners. Both won with Bonus Ballot Entries. Lanny FITCHETT walks away with the APOK Derailed KINDLE Darryl CULLEY pads his pocket with the APOK CASH. APOK gear is quickly going out the door, but to reward those supporting and spreading the word, anyone …


Date: 2018 January 28 APOK News Welcome to the end of January APOK fans. With only 5 months left before APOK Derailed is released there has been some exciting things coming together this month. I wanted to thank all who took the time to respond indicating which “back of the book” synopsis they liked better. …

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Decisions. Decisions.
  Date: 2019 January 15 APOK News Well here we are already in the third week of the year. Time the elusive Robin Hood, stealing from one to give to another. There is a lot coming together. Within 6 months APOK Derailed will be available…in saying that I have just finished Revision #29 and sent …

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Date: 2019 January 6 APOK News: We are already 6 days into 2019, now there is less than 6 months until APOK Derailed is available. 2019 – I hope everyone is enjoying their year, so far. I have been working on making it an exciting one. In my calendar this is the year of the …


About the Novel

Fluctuating world markets, underhanded political agendas, organized crime, social uprisings and terrorist attacks blur the line between right and wrong.
Sitting behind bars for murder is Miguel Mejia aka APOK. After two years in prison, this former military special operative turned police officer is visited by Carrie Warren. Taking the assignment this young zealous news reporter expects instant glory interviewing the ‘Killer Cop’.
Before Warren can release her story terrorists strike. The world tumbles from its already unsteady state into a society ripe for change. Underground organizations begin to emerge attempting to influence and wield power over the petrified.
Warrens finds herself trapped within a dark twisted society, losing her innocence and questioning what she once held to be true.
Mejia battles to overcome his past and strives to make things right. Conspirators sabotage his quest, forcing him to escape and evade a lynch mob hunting him while taking matters into his own two hands.


After the largest unprovoked attack on a military base since Pearl Harbor, the United World Government is on crackdown. The global leader remains in a coma, and the population cowers beneath a merged global military and police force, and giant media conglomerates.

Meanwhile, Miguel Mejia, also known as APOK, languishes in the hospital after a rescue mission at a bomb site. There, his doctors try a radical new therapy they claim could change healthcare worldwide. But while his health returns, he finds himself forced to play the part of a pawn for powers far greater then he understands.


Public Safety Writers Association

Fiction Book Published Honorable Mention

Commissioner Commendation

Hwy 66 Gang Investigation

Central Region Incentive Program


Commissioner Commendation

Drug Investigations

Peel Regional Police

Robbery Investigation Commendation

Peel Regional Police

Break, Enter and Theft Investigation Commendation

APOK has no alternative but to escape and evade a lynch mob hunting him while taking matters into his own two hands.


Captivated – I picked up a copy of APOK at Summerfest Sudbury on Friday night and I just finished reading the book this morning. I wanted to let you know that I was captivated by your book and had a hard time putting it down. This book took many unpredictable twists and turns…..Thanks for the great read and I look forward to your next book

Cheryl C

edge of my seat – great new author – Read it on the recommendation of a friend. Was skeptical at first- not a huge fan of action novels. Really surprised at how much I got into the book. The characters are really well developed. They are relatable and exciting at the same time. Would recommend this as a great summer read.

Jason H

an excellent thriller! – Some friends of mine actually know Michael Walton. This is his first book, and boy I was impressed! There were many action packed scenes which made you never want to put the book down. An excellent thriller! I would recommend this to anyone!