Several years experience as a decorated police officer taught Michael Walton to roll with the punches. Despite all efforts, there are some battles that just can’t be won. Little did he know that applying that mindset after a near death accident was going to be his biggest challenge.

Medicals professionals weren’t sure if he was ever going to wear a badge again, and asked him, if he had given any thought to what he would do. The reality of those words weighed heavily on his mind. With limited options, he turned his complete focus to writing, a dream he had put off for far too long.

Stuck between bed-rest and medical appointments, he finally had the time to compose the novel that had long been brewing below the surface. Sentence by sentence the pages filled up and the first draft of APOK was completed in late 2011. The story has since been transformed from a rough around the edges hero’s tale to an epic novel of intrigue, international conflict and terrorist agendas.

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