CHARGE 2022!

Date: 2022 January 4 APOK News Let’s charge 2022 with APOK III! In saying that, I truly want to thank each and everyone one of you, whether you’re new to APOK, or have been following along since the very beginning (nearly 10 years ago). Your support has been an inspiration to keep working despite all …

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Long Overdue

Date: 2021 November 1 APOK News… Well… It’s been a really, really long time since my last confession… The first draft of APOK III was completed September 7th, 2021, and since that time, I’ve been in revision mode. Currently in Chapter 31 of Revision #1 (39 Chapters in all), this stage of the process is …

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Summer 2021

Date: 2021 June 14 APOK News Welcome to near summer 2021, and we are off to a great start with local Canadian (Ontario) restrictions finally being loosened and hot temperatures warming waters. I apologize for being delinquent on the APOK news front, but there is lots heating up in the background. Saturday June 26… the …

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