Date: 2019 August 20 APOK News It’s been six years since I began a writing journey which has since been named, APOK Derailed. Well ahead of schedule, and much to my surprise I received a package in the mail. Taking no time to carefully open the box, I tore open the brown cardboard flaps and …

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Date: 2019 April 14 APOK News: We are another week closer to the release. I just spoke with the publisher’s cover designer and we are working on building something special for the re-release of APOK and the release of APOK Derailed. While the publisher is busy plotting APOK Derailed in the book format, it has …

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Be Thankful

Date: 2018 December 17 APOK News We are officially one week away from Christmas, and two weeks away from 2019. As life speeds up around the holidays and everyone makes time to get together the calendar speeds past. I must apologize for not blogging last week. As you will see below in the post “Be …

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