Having participated in numerous sports at various levels of competition, I believe that there is no absolute division between art and sport. In fact I see sport as an art, however I won’t dive into that philosophical discussion. Instead I would like to discuss why we do what we do, if not for awards.

Awards, trophies, titles they can be so elusive. Like sport, I suppose the greatest reward an artist receives is validation that their product is of value. Although we have little control over outside opinion we can get so caught up looking for the reward, instead of enjoying the opportunity to even compete. If waiting for someone to speak the words of praise, I have found that it rarely comes when we want it to, if ever. Somehow validation must come from within.

Learning this lesson, I believe is the key to happiness and one that I am working on constantly. Being self fulfilled. That said, like everyone else, I’m still happy when I’m acknowledged outside of my own head space, I guess it’s like a stamp saying I’m not crazy.

I’ve listed the following awards, as legacy of thanks to those who believed in me and nominated me to receive them. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had these experiences. I’ve also included them to demonstrate that although lucky, I refuse to allow myself to become complacent to take for granted my position. I am committed to deliver quality and after 5 plus years working on an idea inside my head I expect great things and hope that you see value in my insanity…

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