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Gritty and Entertaining - "Michael Walton's APOK is a thriller that is firmly in the category of Clancy, Patterson, et al... I'm often a fan of such work, particularly the work in the British school led by writers like John Le Carre. APOK is far grittier than any of Le Carre's work, and not quite as dense...what's working best is the central character himself, who is compelling and entertaining and someone we're ultimately willing to spend such time with...the book is working quite well"
Reader's Digest self-publishing contest judge
Captivated - I picked up a copy of APOK at Summerfest Sudbury on Friday night and I just finished reading the book this morning. I wanted to let you know that I was captivated by your book and had a hard time putting it down. This book took many unpredictable twists and turns.....Thanks for the great read and I look forward to your next book
excellent thriller novel! - Great book! This novel has lots of action and intrigue, and the suspense of uncovering the reason behind the terrorist attacks kept me turning pages. The stakes were high throughout the book, with many plot twists along the way. I was interested in learning more about the characters, especially the protagonist, Miguel Mejia. Throughout the book, I was eager to find out why he was in prison, how he had come to be so hated by the rest of the world, and what motivated him to make the decisions that he did. Carrie Warren's plotline also provides lots of suspense as her assignment to interview Miguel leads to unexpected, dangerous consequences when she is forced to venture into a world of conspiracies and political cover-ups which threaten thousands of lives. I'm looking forward to reading more by Michael Walton and I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a fast-paced action/thriller novel.
Stunning thrill ride - If you can only buy one book this summer - APOK is it! A thrill ride of international proportions, this character driven novel will thoroughly entertain. You'll find yourself fully immersed in the life of the Miguel Mejia. As a convicted murderer and ex cop and ex military, he's seems an unlikely choice to head up a sensitive investigation and it's not long before political agendas find him running for his life while trying to unravel the complex web of murder and sabotage. If you love the work of Clancy, Childs or Patterson, this epic story will add another giant to that list!
Edge of my seat - great new author - Read it on the recommendation of a friend. Was skeptical at first- not a huge fan of action novels. Really surprised at how much I got into the book. The characters are really well developed. They are relatable and exciting at the same time. Would recommend this as a great summer read.
Jason H
riveting!!!!!!! - Once you start Apok, good luck putting it down!!! It is a roller coaster ride with a lot of twists and turns. If you like to read books by David Baldacci, John Lescroart, or Lee Child, you will love this book. WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUT???
Karen J
fabulous! - Finished APOK on the weekend................Great book..............sad it is over. One of those books that, when finished, you think..........he had BETTER be writing another one!!!
Lisa C
great gift! - i bought a copy of apok just before xmas last year as a gift for my mom...u were at the sears store in brockville....my mom loved the book and is waiting for u to write another one.....she loved everything about it and said its one of the best books shes read in a while and shes always reading.....she said she would love to c in turned into a movie with vin diesel or someone along those lines to play the lead....cant wait to c what your next book is about....keep doing what u r doing cause its working!!!!!
best read this year - I bought this book at Michael's book lauch in Barrie, Ontario, it has one of the most intriguing storylines. Apok will keep you on the edge of your seat, filled with action and suspense. Once you start reading it you will not want to put in away until you finish.
gripping - Never heard of this author before but liked the cover. Bought the book as a light summer read. It was surprisingly gripping- can't believe how I ploughed threw it. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Would highly recommend as a fun lazy daze of summer read.
thrilling ride - Can't wait for the next book - there has to be more from such a creative mind - great characters, well plotted, thrilling ride from beginning to end.
can't put it down! - Went to Michael's book signing today at chapters... Half way through the book already, can't put it down!
Rob G
an excellent thriller! - Some friends of mine actually know Michael Walton. This is his first book, and boy I was impressed! There were many action packed scenes which made you never want to put the book down. An excellent thriller! I would recommend this to anyone!
thrill ride of international proportions - A thrill ride of international proportions. Michael Walton is a talented story-teller with keen sense of suspense. You'll not want to put this one down 'til you're done and then you'll be disappointed at it having ended. You know, you just know, he has to have more books in him.

APOK Derailed Reviews

APOK Derailed continues a blockbuster action trilogy with a sympathetic hero... In this engaging future version of Earth... A broken soldier grapples with morality and global safety in Michael Walton's explosive action thriller...
Foreword Clarion Reviews
...It looks like the planet’s greatest asset in the fight against terrorism may become the greatest threat to world democracy...Walton's detailed prose has an urgent tone throughout, and the worldbuilding and plot are both highly complex...intriguing sequel that hits the ground running...
Kirkus Reviews
...Battles, catastrophes, and intrigue create the fires that will try Mejia’s mettle. No longer a “man on the edge,” he has plunged headlong into the abyss. I don’t know where it’s all leading, but book two of the Apok trilogy has me anxious to find out.