Date: 2019 December 10 APOK News Well we are officially 15 days away from Christmas, and 26 days from 2020. Wow. 2020 seems so futuristic and yet it’s only days away. Not only does that signify the end of another year but it also brings the APOK Derailed book tour that much closer. I will …

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Love Your Life To Death

Date: 2019 November 25 APOK News With the American Thanksgiving quickly approaching and Christmas only a month away, I find myself taking time to reflect and spend some time being appreciative of so many things. The APOK Series continues to make waves, the FACEBOOK page has reached well over 1000 likes and still going strong. …

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5 Weeks

Date: 2019 November 18 APOK News The APOK Novel – facebook page is inching towards 1000 likes as the book launch continues to grow momentum. Five weeks have passed since the APOK Derailed book launch and I’m still beside myself in a quasi out of body experience. I look at my white board full of …

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Book Tour – AWATTO

Date: 2019 October 28 APOK News The fall colors were alive and well dusting the Awatto area with lots of reds, yellows and oranges. AWATTO, better known as Ottawa was the scene of the first stop on the APOK book tour. The weather was perfect, as it gave me an opportunity to get out and …

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