No Pain No Gain


Date: 2019 September 14 APOK News 25 days remaining until the BEST book launch ever! I am not kidding. Everyone has been asking me what I was going to do to top the last book launch… besides a heart stopping book that will have you twisting and turning in your seat… well, as long as …


Explosive Action Thriller

Date: 2019 August 26 APOK News Opening the first review was a nerve wracking experience. Before me was an independent professional review company with words about an idea that I have devoted my heart into. What were they going to say? It’s not like I wasn’t familiar with criticism… but now after making the decision to …

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Date: 2019 August 20 APOK News It’s been six years since I began a writing journey which has since been named, APOK Derailed. Well ahead of schedule, and much to my surprise I received a package in the mail. Taking no time to carefully open the box, I tore open the brown cardboard flaps and …

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Puzzle Pieces

Date: 2019 July 30 APOK News Another couple pieces of the APOK Derailed jigsaw puzzle have come together. Piece one – APOK Derailed is officially in the printing cues awaiting distribution. Due to printer demands, the only book version available for the book launch is the paperback. Piece two – APOK is navigating the final …

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