Date: 2019 December 10 APOK News Well we are officially 15 days away from Christmas, and 26 days from 2020. Wow. 2020 seems so futuristic and yet it’s only days away. Not only does that signify the end of another year but it also brings the APOK Derailed book tour that much closer. I will …

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Getting Around

  Date: 2019 December 2 APOK News I would like to welcome the many new faces across North America and those from across the pond to the APOK journey. The results from APOK Derailed’s first month in circulation have been released and I saw as many UK sales as USA sales. I am honored that …

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5 Weeks

Date: 2019 November 18 APOK News The APOK Novel – facebook page is inching towards 1000 likes as the book launch continues to grow momentum. Five weeks have passed since the APOK Derailed book launch and I’m still beside myself in a quasi out of body experience. I look at my white board full of …

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Date: 2019 November 11 While temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, thousands descended into downtown Barrie, paying homage to those who voluntarily gave up their youth, innocence and life for a cause greater than any one person. Even though we often take for granted our current state of existence, it’s refreshing to see so …

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Getting Out There

Date: 2019 November 4 APOK News As the time change sweeps around the world, and our internal clocks get realigned, we prep for the time warp into a new year (or at least that’s how it feels). With so much going on, November and December seem to fly by. Before we greet 2020, I’ll be …

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